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Moving back to the original blog || March 29, 2013

Soon, I will be disabling this blog, and I will return to my original blog, which you can find by clicking here.

Do you do this, too? || February 10, 2013

I do not answer the door to my house, unless:

  1. I know who is there, because they have called ahead of time
  2. I know who is there, because I can identify their car parked outside
  3. I know the person outside is FedEx, UPS, etc...
  4. It's someone with a cardboard check and there are video cameras around, lol

Everyone here that knows Jason knows to call before coming over, or we (I) do not answer the door. Sadly, today you just can't open the door for anyone.

Ever since we have lived here, I have answered the door 1 out of every 15 times it has ringed. By now you are asking yourself, "Well, who did she answer the door for?"

Summer before last, Jason and I were home, expecting one of our neighbors to be coming over to borrow something. I don't remember what it was. So when the doorbell rang, my first instinct was, "No, don't answer it." Then, I quickly reminded myself that the neighbor was going to come over.

When I opened the door, it was not our neighbor. It was... a salesman. I was so mad at myself. I became even angrier at myself when I patiently stood there and listened to his 10-15 minute spill on his pest control company, which sprays your house every quarter of a year. Jason finally came down and took over, and within the hour, we were customers of the pest control service. I was not happy. Well, let me back up...

That same summer, we found black widows on our property. One was just nilly-willie hanging on our grill! We tried to get rid of them, but no bug spray says they will kill black widows. Actually most say they kill everything EXCEPT Brown Recluse spiders and Black Widow spiders. Well, those are the only spiders I am afraid of!

The pest control service proved to be great, and we saw spiders, earwigs and everything disappear! It really is a good service. BUT, I was upset at myself for letting my guard down for one second when I opened that door. Now, sit tight, this story is not over.

I really hate all forms of solicitation. I do not like to be approached WHATSOEVER to buy anything. I feel like I am being invaded. I can't help myself. I know people need to make money, but I do not like to be approached, for the most part. Little kids are an exception, so don't think I'm totally mean.

Over a month ago, Jason got up really early on a Saturday morning. I laid in bed for a while, and when I finally woke up, I heard him at the door talking to someone. I was laying there laughing, thinking, "Shouldn't have opened that door." The person at the door sounded to be a very kind lady, who was actually a... Jehova's Witness. Oh, and she has been back to our house multiple times, BUT we do not open the door. No no no no.

In addition to all these, Sam's Club is now upsetting me. They have the cheapest gas, but when you pump gas there... you guessed it! You are solicited for a car shine. These guys come over to your car, do a little demo and say if you are interested to visit them to buy the spray product. Ahhhh! So, last time I went there, the guys were still there, so I didn't even get gas at Sam's. It was after work and I didn't want to be bothered. I considered getting on my cell phone to look busy so they'd stay away, but "you aren't supposed to do that while you pump gas".

Okay, that's all. I hope I have something cheerful to write about tomorrow. lol

Warranties and Craig's List || February 9, 2013

Before I start typing this, I am going to tell you that what you are about to read is the very negative side of me. BUT, you might agree with me, too.

We are shopping for a new mattress because we have ordered a new bedroom suite. The first thing we do is look around at the different prices, and find the mattress we want. Then, we see who has it or something very similar for the best price. No, we aren't going to buy a cheap mattress... no way.

So, we visited a store today and found what we want, and one of the first things we begin to hear is about all the great warranties that come with them. The whole time I'm sitting there thinking, "Should I tell her that I know all about warranties and how I've never been able to use a single one because of all the exceptions?"

A few years ago we bought an elliptical off Craig's List at a pretty good price (as an aside, the elliptical crashed and burned 2 months later). We were happy to see that on the elliptical it displayed that the frame was under a lifetime warranty. So, we used it A LOT for 2 months, until one day, I heard a horrific sound and it was not a sound you'd "get used to". Nope, it was not even safe to be on. We opened the inside up and found a huge metal piece was severely cracked. I do believe it was caused by us, though, because we had the thing on the highest incline and used the "mountain terrain" setting to burn the most calories.

With that, Jason recommends I get the parts booklet out (I had it), and call the 800 number to see if that piece falls under the warranty. So, I call and mention the "lifetime frame warranty". The woman laughs, and says, "No, the frame is....". If you are wondering, the "frame" of an elliptical is the unneeded pole that holds up the digital display. Yeah, you really don't even need that! Then, she tells me, "Actually, the sticker that says 'lifetime warranty' is even on the pieces that are not covered, so it's misleading."

Next, she tells me happily that I can order the metal piece I need for only $152. That's when I laugh at her and decline. Really, $152 for a part that's 1/100th of the whole device? I think not. Back to the mattress...

So, the mattress sales woman mentions the 25 year warranty, and how they will replace your mattress if this and that happens, but I know that there are underlying exceptions. I know if it sounds too good to be true, it is not true.

As far as Craig's List, I am not saying it's bad. I am saying there are many items you should not buy used. If there are internal parts to something that you cannot examine, then do not buy it used. There is a reason why the other person is selling it, and if it's a negative reason, they aren't going to tell you.

Winter Storm Iago || January 19, 2013

Jason and I spent Thursday and Friday night in Virginia with our families, and yes, that was when Winter Storm Iago hit!

We left for Virginia on Thursday morning at 6:30am so we could arrive in time for a funeral. Afterward, we gathered at my Aunt Sherry's house to have some lunch. It was hard to eat because everyone was watching the weather. The weather channel named it Winter Storm Iago, and it was headed our way, supposedly to bring 8-10 inches of snow.

Jason and I left my aunt's around 2pm so we could hurry to his parent's house. By then the roads were white, and cars were sliding everywhere. Thank goodness we have 4-wheel drive.

At 4:30pm, the power went out and stayed out... but we had a good time in the basement making a fire and listing to old music on Jason's iPhone. We kept hoping the power would return, but it didn't. That was really no surprise though, since it snowed for hours and hours. We finally just went to bed, and woke up to some very pretty now. Jason and his dad shoveled the driveway and back deck, and me... well, no work for this gal, but I did get the pictures to document the memories.

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